Custom instruments
from Poland
  • pARTyzant i " Hit the road Jack" na Jokerze S

    " Hit the road Jack" w wykonaniu Partyzanta na Jokerze S Mensingera.

    Billy Jean by pARTyzant ( tapping bass )

    Technika tappingu w wykonaniu na basie Pike.

    Partyzant Passodoble

    pARtyzanT Pasodoble na Monsterze

    Partyzant- Mazurka D major of Chopin by pARTyzant

    Mazurek D-dur Fryderyka Chopina w wukonaniu Partyzanta na Monsterza
  • Joker S Blue

    Joker S Blue

    Model from Joker S series. Body in deep blue color, made of mahogany with flame maple top, neck also mahogany, rosewood fingerboard with markings in shape of dots made of abalone. Biding around the body is natural maple. Guitar is equipped in one sided tremolo bridge and Schaller keys from 2000 series. Instrument have mounted Push – pull switch which disconnect coil in transmitters which allows having better solo sounds. We used EMG 81-85 active pickups in this model.

    Junior 3ts

    Junior 3ts

    Guitar made in bolt-on construction, body made of alder with flamed maple top, maple neck and fingerboard (markings in shape of dots). Solid bridge with strings leaded through the body, Haeussel pickups in H-H configuration. Also 3 position switch.

    Monster Red

    Monster Red

    Double neck guitar for musicians who combine different techniques in their artistic creation (among others tapping). Body made of mahogany and flamed maple, neck – 6 and 7 strings made of maple with rosewood fingerboard. Instruments have Haeussel pickups, it is constructed in such a way that both circuits of the guitar transducer have independent electronic circuitry and the input jacks give you the ability to split the signal and selectively select the sound either by playing one or two grits using two amplifiers. The instrument can also be played using one amplifier using the lower slot. We used also 3 position switch,this allows the upper or lower transducers of the instrument to be switched off.

    Pike  5 3Ts

    Pike 5 3Ts

    Five string instrument, made in bolt-on construction. Body made of ash, maple neck and fingerboard. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the neck-body transition, it is possible to play effortlessly even in the highest positions. Equipped with pickups in H-H configuration, with passive electronics, and push – pull switch to disconnect coil in pickups, which allows to obtain better sound.

    Taurus Blue

    Taurus Blue

    First of double neck instruments, it was create with the great interest of musicians playing “tapping” technique . This is a guitar that was originally intended to be an instrument for playing primarily with this technique, due to the rather narrow positioning of the instrument's necks - side by side.One of the leading Polish musicians playing this Taurus is pARTyzant.