Custom instruments
from Poland

Jazzmine Lady

Due to large interest in our guitars with resonance chambers such as Joker K Custom, we decided to expand our offer. So thats how Jazzmine Lady model was create. In this guitar resonance chambers are way more expanded, along with other improvements. This solution as well as exellent selection of wood gives Jazzmine Lady exceptionally warm and juicy sound which fits perfectly to jazz, blues or classic rock music. Instrument have contoured top from flaming maple, inside are two stylized resonance chambers in shape of “f” letter which emphasize classical shape and apperance of this guitar. Back of the body together with neck are made of high-quality mahogany, fingerboard is made of rosewood with standards markings in shape of rectangles (Depending on requirements markings can be changed – when custom made). We equipped some of the models in MIDI Hexpander which gives great sound capabilities. Create your own instrument by: choosing hardware color (black, chrom, gold), type of body cover (color, laquer:matt, gloss, or transparent), left or right-handed! Below we presents several color versions as well as different pick-ups, electronics, or bridges configurations in JAZZMINE LADY model.